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Brooch / Necklace Viking Borre Style Bronze


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Brooch / Necklace Viking Borre Style Bronze

💎 Bronze brooch, can be worn as a pendant
💎 Replica of brooch from Birka in Sweden dating to the 10th century
💎 Borre style of line patterns and geometric shapes
💎 Handmade by expert craftsmen

What does this jewelry represent?

Brooches were an essential piece of jewelry in the Viking world. They were used to secure clothing in a time before zips and buttons. Stylish brooches featuring elaborate decoration were common in the Norse world.

Today, we tend to favor pendants over brooches, and this stunning bronze design can be used as either a brooch or a pendant.

This piece is a replica of a copper alloy brooch that was found in a burial at Birka, Sweden, and dates to the 10th century. It uses the Borre art style, using interlocking lines to form geometric patterns.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 7,0 g  Size : 2.5 cm diameter.

Materials : Bronze

Made In Spain