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About Viking Bracelets

Looking for your perfect Viking Bracelet? Here you will find options from across the store, from First Line to Premium Line.

These pieces are perfect for anyone looking for an understated Viking piece that can be worn every day. They are all durable and made to last, even on the wrist of a warrior. Many are made from natural materials such as gold, silver, bronze, and lava stone.

Choose from cord bracelets, arm rings, link bracelets, and leather bracelets. Also, check out our customizable leather bracelets which you can personalize with symbolic plates.

Viking Bracelets

Bracelets were commonly worn in the Viking age. They are often referred to as arm rings because they are bangle-style bracelets. It is not clear whether they were worn on the wrist on further up on the arm. They after often described as the Viking Torc.

Viking chiefs would often give pieces of jewelry to their warriors. This was to share the wealth of their combined conquests, which was necessary to secure the ongoing loyalty and support of his warriors. Viking bracelets were among the most common pieces of jewelry exchanged.

As such, viking bracelets represented the success of a warrior, who their chief depended on and valued, and reflected their status within the community.

Oath Bracelets

We also know from one of the sagas that the Vikings would swear oaths on arm rings. One saga describes a holy space with an altar in the center of the space. Upon the altar sat a bowl of blood from sacrificial animals and an arm ring on which those present had sworn an oath. This oath was witnessed by the gods, and therefore could not be broken.

Many modern followers of the old Norse religion will use an arm ring as a symbol of promises that they have made to themselves or others. Oaths are often sworn to Var, the Norse goddess associated with oaths and agreements.

Viking Bracelet Symbols

The viking bracelets in the VKNG collection feature a variety of important Norse symbols.

Viking bracelets with MjolnirThor’s Hammer is a symbol of the protection of the gods and allegiance to the old religion.

Viking bracelets with Axe – Axes are one of the weapons most closely associated with the Vikings, and it represents what it takes to be a Viking warrior.

Viking bracelets with Spear – Odin, the god of war, carries the spear Gungnir. Spears are actually the weapons that were carried most often by Viking warriors, and they represent victory.

Viking bracelets with Shield – The Viking round shield is instantly recognizable. Female Viking warriors were called shield maidens.

Viking bracelets with Valknut – The symbol of Valhalla, the afterlife for Viking warriors. It represents the courage expected from Viking warriors.

Viking bracelets with Aegishjalmur – The Helm of Awe is a magical symbol from the Icelandic grimoires that represents courage and success in battle.

Viking bracelets with Vegvisir – The Norse Compass is a magical symbol from the Icelandic grimoires that ensures you never lose your way, even if you don’t know where you are going.

Viking bracelets with Jormungandr – The mighty Midgard Serpent represents the things that men and gods fear most, but these fears must be faced!

Viking bracelets with Wolf – The Viking wolves represent the most volatile forces in the universe. These should be respected but also harnessed for success. The great world Fenrir is destined to kill Odin himself at Ragnarok, and his son Skoll and Hati will devour the sun and moon. Odin is also accompanied by two wolves, Geri (greed) and Freki (ravenous), who represent aspects of the god.

Viking bracelets with Dragon – The Vikings painted their ships to look like sea dragons sailing into battle. It would have struck fear into the hearts of their neighbors. These ships are called Drakkar.

Viking bracelets with Ravens – Ravens represent Odin. He had two ravens, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) that flew out into the world each day and told the god everything they saw. It was considered a good omen to see ravens circling the battlefield as it meant that Odin and his Valkyries were present to choose the bravest fallen dead for Valhalla.

Viking bracelets with Bear – Bears are the symbol of the Berserker warriors. They communed with the spirit of the bear before battle to take on its strength and ferocity. Many believed that these warriors would not be harmed or killed while in their berserker state.