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Anglo-Saxon Ring of Thames Bronze


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Anglo-Saxon Ring of Thames Bronze

💎 Replica of Anglo-Saxon ring from the Viking period
💎 Zoomorphic patterns typical of Nordic art
💎 Wolves represent powerful forces to be feared but also harnessed
💎 Handmade by expert craftsmen

What does this jewelry represent?

Following their initial forays into England at the end of the 8th century, the Vikings had a significant and lasting impact on English life and culture.

This stunning bronze ring is a replica of a silver ring found in the Thames that dates from the period of Viking occupation. The original is currently on display in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

It displays typical Viking decoration patterns. The body of a beast is elongated and twisted around itself to create an elaborate pattern. The heads of beasts, which look like wolf heads, sit in each corner.

Wolves were a powerful motif in both Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon art. They represent the most powerful forces in nature that should be feared and respected. But they also represent the most powerful forces within our own nature which, when harnessed and controlled, can be a source of great strength.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 12,0 g  Size : Adjustable to any size

Materials : Bronze

Made In Spain