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Ansuz Rune Norse Ornament Sterling Silver Ring


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Ansuz Rune Norse Ornament Sterling Silver Ring

💎 Ansuz "a" rune representing divinity and divine order
💎 Magic of the runes shared with mankind by Odin
💎 Can help provide order in a chaotic world
💎 Handcrafted in sterling silver

What does this jewelry represent ?

The Ansuz rune signifies the sound "a" in the Viking runic alphabet and also represents the ideas of divinity and divine order.

The Vikings believed that their runes were capabale of more than just describing the world. They also believed the the runes, used properly, had the power to shape destiny.

It was the god Odin who learned the secrets of the runes and shared them with mankingd The Ansuz rune is particulary associated with Odin, the most important deity in the Norse pantheon.

The Ansuz rune can be used to find order in chaos and to identify the bigger reasons and purposes behind certain elements of your life. It is the ideal rune for anyone looking for stable ground in a chaotic world.

Color : Silver   Weight : 7g   

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine