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Armring from Orkney Viking Bronze


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Armring from Orkney Viking Bronze

💎 Viking armring with authentic style and feel
💎 Copied from Viking armring found on Orkney islands
💎 Worn to seal an oath or a promise
💎 Handcrafted in fine bronze

What does this jewelry represent?
Wearing these chunky, torque-style armrings offer an authentic Viking look and feel. This particular armring is a replica of a Viking artifact found on the Scottish island of Orkney that was worn by one of the Vikings who settled there.

Armrings were often gifted to warriors by the patrons to secure their loyalty, and the warrior would wear the armring as a sign of good faith. But the Vikings also used them as currency. If you needed some precious metal to make a payment, you could take a chip off your armring of the correct weight.
Today, some followers of Asatru wear armrings as a symbol of important promises that they have made, often to themselves. It is a constant reminder to keep those promises and be good to your word. There are no more important promises than the ones that you make to yourself.

Size : circumference 14-17 cm

Weight : 19g

Material : Bronze

 Made In Spain