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Armring Ravens skulls with Gems


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Armring Ravens Skulls with Gems

💎 Arm ring in classic Viking style
💎 Ravens sacred to Odin the All-Father
💎 God of war, wisdom, writing, wanderers, witchcraft, and Valhalla
💎 Handmade from sterling silver

What does this jewelry represent? 

Ravens are the familiars of the god Odin, the principal deity of the Norse pantheon and the god of war, wisdom, writing, wanderers, witchcraft, and Valhalla.

Odin would often leave his seat in Asgard to wander the world. When he did so, he was always accompanied by his two ravens Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), which also acted as omens of his presence.

It was considered a good omen to see ravens circling a battlefield as it meant that Odin was present, with his Valkyries, to choose the bravest and most deserving of the dead to take to Valhalla.

Valhalla is Odin's hall in Asgard where brave warriors drink and feast until they are called on to fight alongside the gods in the final battle of Ragnarok. It is the aspiration of all Vikings.

This stunning arm ring featuring two raven skulls is the perfect piece for those who honor the god Odin All-Father.

Color : Bronze or SilverClosure : Open  Weight : 46g 

Size : The size is 19 cm and can be adjusted from 17 to 23.

Materials : Silver Sterling 925 or Bronze

Made In Ukraine