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Arrows Elder Futhark Runes Bronze Ring


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Arrows Elder Futhark Runes Bronze Ring

💎 Striking arrow crown design
💎 Inscribed with the Viking runic alphabet
💎 Represents both the ferocity and the intellect of the Vikings
💎 Unique and eye-catching design
👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 
What does this jewelry represent?

This ring combines symbols of both the Viking warrior and the Viking intellect.

While the Vikings are not associated with an archery culture, they counted archery among their war arts. Archers often opened the battle before the warriors clashed.

But, while we often think of Vikings as a ferocious warrior people, we can't forget that they also had a rich culture of literature, poetry, laws, and mythology.

Nothing represents this better than the Viking script - Elder Futhark.

This ring combines the arrow as a symbol of the warrior with the runic alphabet as a symbol of the Viking intellect.

It is the perfect piece for a modern Viking looking for something unique that reflects their complexity.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 13g

Materials : Bronze

Made In Ukraine