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Bear Claw Aesthetic Silver Sterling Ring

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Bear Claw Aesthetic Silver Sterling Ring

💎 Genuine Viking bear paw motif
💎 Decorated with Celtic knotwork, heavily influenced by Viking design styles
💎 Represents the courage and power of the berserkers and the ability to transform
💎 High-quality genuine sterling silver 


What does this jewelry represent?

This delicate sterling silver ring wraps around the finger and ends in two bear claws.

The ring is decorated with Celtic knotwork, an artistic style heavily influenced by contact with Norse artworks, through the Vikings.

Bears were a terrifying and potent force in the Viking world. They were strong, brave, and ferocious when necessary.

The most fearsome of the Viking warriors would conduct magic rituals to commune with the spirit of the bear and invoke its courage and power before battle.

These warriors were the berserkers. Some say that they were so strong while in this state that metal could not pierce them.

As well as representing fierce warriors, the berserkers represent the ability to transform and find deeper pools of power and courage when needed.

This piece is perfect for the modern Viking warrior who also has the ability to pull on their reserves when the moment calls for it.

Color : Silver  Weight : 6,5 g 

Materials : Sterling Silver 925