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Bronze Ravens Yggdrasil Necklace

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🗡Authentic Viking symbols of wisdom

🗡Homage to Odin, the king of the Norse gods

🗡Italian Bronze Amulet with a smooth finish

🗡Intricate design expertly executed

🗡Made from the best materials

While we may think of the Vikings simply as warriors, they also prized wisdom.
It was wisdom and intelligence that allowed them to out manoeuvre their neighbours with their superior naval technology, and develop such a rich and interesting culture.
It is no coincidence that their chief god Odin, was not only the god of war, but also wisdom.

This striking bronze pendants represents two symbols of Viking wisdom. The first is Yggdrasil, the tree of life, in which all the worlds of the Norse cosmos sit and which held the universe together.

As such, Yggdrasil is a symbol of the way in which everything is connected.

It is also a symbol of wisdom as Odin hung himself from the tree, pierced by his own spear, for nine days and nine nights, in order to obtain knowledge of the runes.

Perched at the top of Yggdrasil on the pendant are the two ravens Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) which accompanied Odin.

They represent our ability to learn from our past and grow, and to use our intellect to make good decisions and succeed in life.

This high-quality bronze pendant is a striking and distinctive symbol of Viking wisdom.

Color : Bronze   Weight : 1,36oz or 38 g   Size : 2.23" х 1.6" or 5,7 cm x 4,0 cm. The pendant can accept a necklace up to 0.18" or 4,8mm in diameter

Materials : Italian Bronze (Copper 88%, Tin 12%). ​​ ​Lead, cadmium and nickel free.

*pendant sold alone, without leather cord.

Leather Cord : Here