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Bronze Viking Beads Raven

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As well as prizing a warrior's strength and courage, the Vikings valued wisdom. This is reflected in the fact that their chief god, Odin, was not just the god of war, but also the god of knowledge. He famously wandered the nine worlds of the Norse cosmos in search of knowledge, sacrificing an eye to drink the elixir of wisdom.

Odin was accompanied on his travels by two ravens Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), which were attribute symbols that represented his role as the god of wisdom and knowledge. They also represent our ability to learn from the past and grow through the power of our intellect.

This bronze bead with striking Norse raven design invokes Odin and his wisdom. It makes an ideal beard or hair accessory, adding distinctive Viking style.

🗡Authentic Nose symbol and wisdom and intelligence

🗡Made from high quality Italian bronze

🗡Nickel, lead and cadmium free

🗡Presented in a beautiful gift box

🗡Viking bead for hair, beard, bracelet or necklace


Color : Bronze   Weight : 0.10 oz or 3 g Size16mm x 14mm (0.55"x0.62")

Materials : Italian bronze (Copper 88%, Tin 12%). ​​ ​Lead, cadmium and nickel free