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Celtic Triquetra Fine Silver Sterling Ring


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Celtic Triquetra Fine Silver Sterling Ring

💎 Common symbol in both Norse and Celtic cultures
💎 Linked with modern Wicca and witchcraft
💎 May be associated with Viking Seidr magic
💎 Top-quality craftsmanship and materials

What does this jewelry represent?
The triquetra symbol that appears on this stunning sterling silver ring was popular throughout the Norse and Celtic worlds.

While its original meaning is obscure, it has become associated with modern Wicca and the practice of witchcraft.
For the Vikings, it may have been linked with Seidr magic, of which both the gods Odin and Freyja were expert practitioners.

The triple nature of the symbol may suggest a connection with Odin in his role as a god of sorcery, as many of his symbols feature three points, such as the Valknut and the horned Triskelion.
Today, it can be worn as a clear symbol of allegiance to the old ways and the old religions, and a belief in the power of nature and the magic it possesses.


Frontal top height :is approx. 3/8" (10mm)

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver