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Circled Thor's Hammer with Ravens Bronze Pendant

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💎Authentic Viking symbol of protection
💎Thor's hammer represents protection and strength 
💎The ravens of Odin represent wisdom

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What does this jewelry represent ?

Undoubtedly the two most important gods in the Viking pantheon were Odin and Thor.

Odin was the chief gods, the creator of men and the father of all the gods. He was the god of war, wisdom, dead warriors, poetry, and sorcery.

His son Thor was the protector of mankind and also a weather deity that ensured good winds for ships and needed rains for crops. He used his hammer Mjolnir to protect mankind and the gods from the chaotic forces of the giants.

In Viking times, Thor's hammer was the most popular protective amulet used by the Vikings, and it is the only symbol that survived well into the Christian period.

This bronze pendant combines Thor's hammer with two ravens, which were symbols of Odin. His ravens Huginn and Muninn (thought and memory) roamed the cosmos and told Odin what they saw, and therefore represented the wisdom of Odin.

Together on this pendant, these symbols represent both the strength and courage of the Vikings, but also the importance that they placed on wisdom.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 18g  Size : 32 x 32 x 6 mm

Materials : Bronze

Made in Ukraine