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Classic Torc

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🗡Hand-Forged Tin alloy and white iron.

🗡Sized to best-fit wrists measuring 6 to 8 inches in size

🗡Impeccable Design

🗡Durable materials

🗡Coated with Silver to prevent rusting

This unique crafted Viking ornament is fresh from the forge.
Made from tin, and a white alloy passed through heat and hammered into shape.

Thanks to expert craftsmanship, our Classic Torc comes with intricate designs which make it stand out from most rivals in the market.

Silver coating which keeps the item free from rust. It even comes as an ideal accessory for Viking, Celtic and Medieval outfits.

Classic Torc with durable quality that will make it last for many generations. Accessory to use in all conditions and serves as the perfect gift for Vikings. 

Color : Silver  Closure : Open  Size : 6 to 8 Inch

Materials : Tin alloy and white iron

Made In Ukraine