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Clean Thor Necklace

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🗡Simple detailing makes this ideal for everyday wear

🗡Hung on a leather cord for comfort

🗡Made from 925 sterling silver

👉This product also exists in Bronze 

Sometimes, simplicity is best.

With its clean edges and smooth surface, this is a classic example of how to merge old Norse mythology with the modern day.

Made from 925 sterling silver and hung on a leather cord, you’ll be able to wear this every day, no matter the occasion.

Mjolnir was the name of Thor’s hammer and this piece of jewelry is a perfect homage to that era in time, whether you’re a keen historian or you just feel pulled towards the Vikings in some way.  


Color : Silver  Weight : 0.35 oz or 10,0 g  Size : 0.98" х 0.82" or 2,5cm x 2,1cm

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine