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Bronze Viking Beads Helm Of Awe


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Bronze Viking Beads Helm Of Awe

💎Authentic Norse symbol
💎Made from high quality Italian bronze
💎Presented in a beautiful gift box
💎Made by expert craftsmen from quality materials
💎Viking bead for hair, beard, bracelet or necklace

Sold by unit

What does this jewelry represent ?

Just looking at the symbol, The Helm of Awe, and you can see why the Vikings were both in awe of it as well as quite fearful.

With eight arms radiating from a central point, it almost looks like that point is being protected by any negative forces which could penetrate it.

This is exactly why this bead would make a great addition to your jewelery collection.

The meaning behind the symbol would be a good one to carry into your everyday life, to protect yourself against any negativity which could come at you and make you feel bad.

The Vikings were onto something with this one !

Color : Bronze   Weight : 0.10 oz or 3 g   Size : 16mm x 13mm (0.51"x0.62")

Materials : Italian bronze (Copper 88%, Tin 12%). ​​ ​Lead, cadmium and nickel free

Made in Ukraine