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Drakkar Swords Bronze Pendant


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Drakkar Swords Bronze Pendant

This product is also available in Sterling Silver 925

💎 Drakkar longship used by the Vikings
💎 Terrified enemies when it came over the horizon
💎 Represents the warrior and the explorer
💎 Handcrafted in fine bronze

👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

Pendant sold separately, perfect with:

➡️ Genuine Leather Cord: Here
➡️ Fine Sterling Silver Chain: Here 

What does this jewelry represent?

This stunning bronze pendant represents a Drakkar longship. These were ships that the Vikings decorated to look like sea dragons.

The superior technology of their ships was one of the main reasons that the Vikings were able to dominate their neighbors.

It must have been terrifying to see a Drakkar on the horizon. 

It was also these ships that allowed the Vikings to reach the Americas 500 years before other Europeans.

This is a strong symbol of Viking ingenuity and their spirit of adventure.

The ship sits in front of a sword, a prestige weapon among Viking warriors. Together this pendant represents the Viking as both the warrior and the explorer.

Color: Bronze Size: 40 x 33 x 4 mm Weight: 15gr   Hole: 2.5mm

Materials: Bronze