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Drakkar Symbol Bronze Handcrafted Ring


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Drakkar Symbol Bronze Handcrafted Ring

💎 Features the Viking Drakkar ship
💎 Naval technology that allowed the Vikings to dominate their neighbors
💎 Perfect for the intelligent warrior and modern adventurer
💎 Handcrafted
👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

What does this jewelry represent?

For centuries it was a terrifying sight to see a Viking ship on the horizon. The most ferocious were called Drakkar, and were painted to look like a dragon or sea snake on the waves.

It was more than just the ferocity and bravery of the Vikings that allowed them to dominate their neighbors for centuries.

They were innovators, which gave them a significant technological advantage. Their ships were that much better that they were able to sail down rivers others thought unnavigable, and land in the new world five centuries before their European neighbors.

This Drakkar ring is perfect for the modern Viking who is a brave and ferocious warrior, but also appreciates the importance of intelligence and cunning.


Color : Bronze  Weight : 12g

Materials : Bronze

Made In Ukraine