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Drakkar Symbol Mammen Ornament Bronze Ring


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Drakkar Symbol Mammen Ornament Bronze Ring

Sizes 10.25 / 12 / 12.75 in sale (35% Off) 
💎 Drakkar ship bronze signet
💎 Reflects Viking ingenuity and the spirit of adventure
💎 Authentic Viking Mammen design style
💎 Distinctive and finely crafted

 👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

What does this jewelry represent?

This bronze signet ring is perfect for the modern-day Viking as it celebrates not only Viking courage and warrior prowess, but also ingenuity, and the Viking spirit of adventure.

Seeing Viking ships on the horizon struck fear into the hearts of other Europeans for centuries. It meant that these ferocious warriors were descending on your shores.

But it wasn't just their warrior prowess that allowed the Vikings to dominate their neighbors for more than 300 years.

One key to their success was their superior technology, which included their longships. These allowed the Vikings to sail up previously unnavigable rivers to launch attacks, and to sail to the new world five centuries before their European neighbors.

The most fearsome Viking ships were known as Drakkar, and were painted to look like a dragon or sea serpent on the waves.

This ring uses the Drakkar as its signet, and sets it in a band decorated in the Mammen art style, popular in Denmark in the 10th century.


Color : Bronze  Weight : 14g

Materials : Bronze

Made In Ukraine