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Elder Futhark Runes with Wide Rim Sterling Silver Ring


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💎Authentic Viking runic alphabet
💎Represents both the inevitability of fate, and the power of the strong-willed to shape the world
💎Fine and detailed craftsmanship
💎Made from the highest quality sterling silver

💎Quater sizes available on demand

This product also exists in Gold

This product also exists in Bronze


What does this jewelry represent ?

The Vikings believed that their alphabet, the runes, could do more than just describe the world.

They believed that they also had the power, when used correctly, to shape the world.

This is why the Norns wrote the fates of men by carving runes onto the bark of the tree Yggdrasil.

Many Vikings dedicated themselves to the practice of rune magic, and in many of the sagas, our heroes use the runes to change the course of fate.

As such, the runes have come to represent both the inevitability of fate, thanks to their use by the Norns, but also the power that we have to control our own lives.

Using the runes to control the future requires wisdom and will, qualities that the Vikings valued.

Bring the power of the Viking runes into your own life with this distinctive sterling silver ring that is rimmed with the runes of Elder Futhark.

Let it act as a reminder that fate is inescapable, but what you do with the time you have is up to you!


Color : Silver   Weight : 10g   

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine