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Fenrir Wolf Bronze Ring


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This product is made on demand, wich implies a delay of 7/10 working days for crafting before shipment

💎Handcrafted by expert craftsmen
💎Available in 27 sizes
💎Hypoallergenic Lead, cadmium and nickel free
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What does this jewelry represent ?

The Fenrir Wolf Bronze Ring : If you take a look through Norse mythology, you’ll find a number of wolves are depicted.

None of them are quite as famous as Fenrir.

Son of Loki and brother of Jörmungandr and Hel, it is foretold that he will kill Odin when Ragnarok happens.

While the Aesir gods raised him themselves to try and keep him under their control, he broke free several times and indeed, fulfilled the prophecy.

Whether you have an interest in wolves, Viking mythology or both, this solid bronze ring will be a perfect fit.

Despite the large design, this ring is really comfortable, with the wide range of sizes aiding that.


Color : Bronze   Weight : 0.74 oz or 21,0 g   

Materials : Italian Bronze (Lead, cadmium and nickel free)

Made In Ukraine