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Fenrir's Torc Wolf Bracelet

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💎Arm ring inspired by genuine Viking jewelry
💎Embellished with two wolf heads
💎Wolves represented raw power that was to be respected, feared, and harnessed
💎Made by expert craftsmen using the best materials

What does this jewelry represent ? 

The Vikings wore arm rings such as this one as a symbol of their allegiance to their chieftain. Oaths sworn on such an arm ring could not be broken.

Rings would often be styled to reflect symbols important to the chief and his clan. 

The wolf was an important symbol among the Vikings. It represented raw power and force, which was to be respected, feared, and harnesses.

The most famous wolf in the Norse world was Fenrir, one of the sons of Loki. Tricked and chained up by the gods who feared his strength, at Ragnarok he is destined to break his chains and run through the Norse cosmos devouring everything before him, including Odin himself.

But Fenrir was not the only Norse wolf. Also important were Freki (greed) and Geri (ravenous), two wolves that accompanied Odin everywhere he went. These challenging characteristics were to be both controlled and harnessed.

This arm ring is perfect for the modern Viking who feels the power of the wolf within themselves.


Color : Silver     Size : One Size adjustable between 16 and 21 cm

Materials : Tin (Lead, cadmium and nickel free) or Sterling Silver 925

Made In Ukraine