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Fenrir's Torc Wolf Bracelet

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🗡  Immediately brings a powerful Viking style

🗡  Strong construction and quality materials make for lasting durability

🗡 Distinctly Nordic carving on the band and wolf heads

🗡  Thick viking bracelet and fierce design represent the strength and ferocity of the Viking culture

🗡  Handmade by expert craftsmen

🗡 Antiqued iron works with a wide variety of styles


One of the best Viking Bracelet you can find online.

Fenrir is the most notorious wolf in Nordic mythology.

Known as the Father of Wolves, he sired the two fearsome wolves who chase the sun and moon across the sky and is destined to kill the Norse god Odin at Ragnarok.

Bound until the end of days by the gods with his mouth held open by a sword, the river Van runs from his mouth. 

Fenrir’s Torc is handcrafted wolf bracelet in antiqued tin alloy and white iron. Two snarling wolf heads connected by a heavy, intricately-carved band of thick iron form a strong cuff that compliments virtually any style.


Color : Silver     Size : One Size adjustable between 16 and 21 cm

Materials : Tin (Lead, cadmium and nickel free) or Sterling Silver 925

Made In Ukraine