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Freya Pendant Copper


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Freya Pendant Copper

💎 Replica of genuine archaeological artifact from Sweden
💎 Represents Freyja, the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and magic
💎 Identified based on her distinctive necklace Brisingamen
💎 Handcrafted in copper alloy

Pendant sold separately, perfect with:

➡️ Genuine Leather Cord: Here
➡️ Fine Sterling Silver Chain: Here

This pendant in the shape of a woman is a replica of an archaeological find from Tuna in Sweden dating from the 9th-10th centuries. It is thought to represent Freyja, the Vanir goddess of love and beauty, fertility, and witchcraft. She represents the most powerful feminine aspects and is a celebration of womanhood.

These types of representations of the gods are rare from the Viking age, but a few survive. She is identified as Freyja based on what seems to be a large necklace around her neck. She was well-known for wearing Brisingamen, a large and distinctive gold necklace.

Freyja is the most important female goddess in the Viking world. As well as representing the best feminine qualities, she was closely associated with magical practices. She was also the goddess of Folkvangr, one of the afterlives where warriors that die bravely in battle might find themselves in the service of the gods.

Material : Copper

Size : 3.5 x 1.5 cm

Made in Spain