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Gotland Torc Bronze Necklace


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Gotland Torc Bronze Necklace

💎 Viking/Celtic style torque neck ring
💎 Can represent free status and freedom within one's self
💎 Jormungandr, fears that must be faced so that they do not grow
💎 Handcrafted in fine bronze

What does this jewelry represent?

Torque-style necklaces were very popular during the Viking period and were mostly worn by the wealthy. As well as being a fashion accessory, they were also used as currency. The wearer would break off small chunks of metal to make payments.

The torque was also popular in the earlier Celtic period and may have been worn to represent free status. Some modern followers of Asatru and Celtic religions wear torques as a sign of their personal freedom.

This particular design is based on an archaeological find from Gotland in Sweden from the Viking period. Decorated with twists, it ends in two serpent heads. These represent Jormungandr, the giant serpent that lives in the sea around Midgard.

The gods so feared Jormungandr when he was a youth that they threw him into this sea. This allowed the serpent to grow to such an enormous size that it can encircle the entire world and hold its own tail in its mouth. It will only leave its waters at Ragnarok, when it will poison the world with its venom and fight to the death with Thor.

Jormungandr represents the things that men and gods fear most. But these things must be faced, otherwise the grow and become more dangerous.

Size: Valid for a neck circumference of 40 - 45cm. Inner diameter of 12 - 15 cm diameter. The thickness of the bronze wire is 5 mm.Weight : 55g

Materials : Bronze

Made In Spain