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Hail Odin Valknut Bronze Ring


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Hail Odin Valknut Bronze Ring

💎Authentic symbol of fallen Viking warriors found throughout the Norse runes
💎Genuine inscription used by the Vikings in original Yunger Futhark runes
💎Symbol of a Viking warrior's courage and dedication to Odin

What does this jewelry represent ?

For the Vikings, there was no greater honor than to be a warrior.

All Vikings wanted to be warriors as they believed that it placed them in the service of Odin, the king of the Norse gods and the god of war (as well as wisdom and witchcraft).

They believed that if they died bravely on the battlefield they would be taken to live in Valhalla, the hall of Odin, where they would stay until they were called upon again to fight in Odin's army at the end of days.

The Valknut, which means knot of fallen warriors, was the symbol of this ultimate Viking achievement.

It is found throughout the Viking world in association with the dead, and with Odin.

It is believed that it marked the dead out as among the warriors of Valhalla, or may even have been used as part of a spell to ensure that the deceased was among those taken to Odin's hall, and did not find themselves in Helheim.

Thus the Valknut was the symbol of the Viking warrior, their beliefs, and their dedication to Odin.

Show your own affinity to the Viking warrior mentality with this striking sterling silver ring that features both the Valknut, and the words "Hail Odin" in original Viking Younger Futhark runes.


Color : Bronze  Weight : 7,0 g  Size: Band width: 3/8" (8mm).

Materials : Bronze