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Helm of Awe Clasp Leather Bracelet Bronze

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This product also exists in Silvered

💎Authentic Viking runic magical stave from the Icelandic grimoires
💎Magical symbol of protection and courage
💎Subtle but distinctively Viking look
💎Quality materials and craftsmanship ensures durability
💎Secure closure to keep the bracelet in place

What does this jewelry represent ?

To the Vikings, the Helm of Awe was a powerful symbol of protection.

Warriors would draw the symbol on their forehead before going into battle.

They believed that it would protect them against their enemies and give them unprecedented levels of courage.

They also believed that if they were struck down, because it was their time, the symbol would ensure that they were among the fallen warriors that were taken to dwell in Valhalla.

The Helm of Awe symbol was formed from the Viking runes, Younger Futhark, which the Vikings believed not only had the power to describe the world, but also to shape it when used correctly.

The proper formation of the Helm of Awe is preserved in a Medieval Icelandic magical grimoire.

Modern Icelandic is the modern language most like the old Norse spoken by the Vikings that survives today.

This quality leather bracelet is designed to let you carry this powerful symbol of protection with you everywhere you go, ensuring your courage and protecting you against your enemies.

The bronze and leather design is discreet, but strikingly Viking ! 

Color : BlackSmooth Leather Cord, BrownSmooth Leather Cord, WhiteBraided Leather Cord

Ornament Size : 0,78" or 2 cm

Materials : Italian Bronze

Made in Ukraine

S 6 - 6,5 15 - 16
M 7 - 7,5 17 - 18
L 8 - 8,5 19 - 20
XL 9 - 9,5 21 - 22
XXL 10 - 10,5 23 - 24