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Helm Of Awe Mammen Style Sterling Silver Ring


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💎Genuine Viking magical symbol of strength, courage and protection
💎Authentic Norse Urnes-style design
💎Craftsmanship with attention to detail
💎Highest quality sterling silver

👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

What does this jewelry represent ?

To the Vikings, the Helm of Awe was a powerful magical symbol that could grant strength and protection.

Its appearance comes down to us through the 17th century Icelandic grimoires, and warriors would often paint them symbol of their forehead before battle to gain strength and protection.

According to the story of Fafnir, the Helm of Awe was a physical object, no doubt enchanted with this potent symbol, that increased the strength of its wearer and made him practically invincible.

Invoke this powerful magical symbol in your own life with this stylish ring.

The ring faithfully reproduces the genuine Norse magical symbol, and places within an atuthentic Mammen-style design.

This is a style of Viking art that was popular in Denmark at the end of the 10th century.


Color : Silver  Weight : approx. 13 - 14 g The weight of the ring depends on its size

Materials : 925 silver, sterling silver

Made In Ukraine