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Helm of Awe Symbol and Wolf Ornament Sterling Silver Ring


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💎Authentic Viking runic magical stave used for courage and protection
💎Viking wolf delivered in authentic Jelling art style
💎Finest craftsmanship
💎Highest quality sterling silver

💎Available if you require a quarter size (contact us)

What does this jewelry represent ?

To the Vikings, the wolf was one of the most fearsome creatures in nature.

It was so ferocious and unpredictable that it was associated with the giants, and the Vikings believed that many giants could turn themselves into wolves and travel with wolf packs.

The most famous wolf from Viking mythology is Fenrir, a son of Loki.

He was so strong that the gods could not contain him.

They had to commission to dwarves to make an impossible chain from impossible objects in order to contain him.

According to the prophecy of Ragnarok, when the end of the world arrives, he will run through the cosmos destroying everything before him, including the god Odin himself.

But while the Vikings respected wolves, it would be shameful to give in to fear.

One way in which the Vikings conquered their fear was through the magical power of the runes.

They believed that their runic alphabet could do more than just describe the world, but also shape it when used correctly.

One way to do this was to form magical staves, many of which have been recorded in Medieval Icelandic grimoires.

The Helm of Awe was a rune of courage and protection. Drawn on the forehead of a Viking warrior, it invoked the protection of Odin, and gave the warrior the courage to battle whatever was in front of them.

These two potent symbols are combined on this dramatic sterling silver ring.

It features the Helm of Awe as its signet, held in the mouths of wolves.

It is all delivered in a classic Jelling art style, popular among the Vikings in the 10th century.


Color : Silver   Weight : 6g   

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine