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Helm of Awe Symbol Runes Ornament Sterling Silver Ring


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💎 Authentic symbol from the Icelandic magical grimoires
💎 Ensures success in all your endeavors
💎 Viking runic alphabet Elder Futhark

💎 Also available in quarter sizes

👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

What does this jewelry represent?

The Vikings believed that their runes were more than just an alphabet. If you know how to use them, they can also be used to work magic and shape destiny.
Many of the heroes in the Viking sagas are described as runemasters. Some knowledge of Viking rune magic is also preserved in the Icelandic magical grimoires.
One of the most important symbols in the grimoires is Aegishjalmur, the Helm of Awe. Warriors would inscribe the rune on their forehead to ensure success. They would either defeat their enemy or ascend to Valhalla.
This striking sterling silver ring focuses on an authentic Helm of Awe symbol. The band is also inscribed with the complete Elder Futhark runic alphabet.
This is the perfect piece for a modern Viking looking to harness the power of the runes.


Color : Silver  Weight : 8g

Materials :925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine