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Helm of Awe Symbol with Norse Ornament Sterling Silver Ring


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💎Genuine Viking magical symbol
💎Symbol od bravery and protection
💎Expert craftsmanship
💎Made from the highest quality sterling silver

 👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

What does this jewelry represent ?

The Vikings believed that their runes had the power to do more than just describe the world that they lived.

They also thought that with the right magical knowledge, they could be used to shape the world.

This is why the Norns used the runes to write the fates of men.

In many of the sagas, heroes are described as using the runes to bend the world to their will.

Some of the accumulated knowledge of the Vikings about how to use the runes has come down to use in some Icelandic grimoires.

These contain a series of magical staves that combine the runes to create magical symbols.

Probably the most famous of these symbols is the Helm of Awe.

It is an eight-pointed wheel, with each tip ending in the Ahgiz rune, which was a symbol of protection.

Viking warriors would paint the rune on their foreheads before going into battle.

It was thought to boost their courage, and also call on the protection of Odin to ensure that they did not fall before their foes.

If the fates demanded their death, the symbol would ensure that they found their way to Valhalla.

Adopt the Helm of Awe as a symbol of your own allegiance to the Viking warrior way of life, as well as a talisman of strength and protection with this stunning sterling silver ring.


Color : Silver   Weight : 12g   

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine