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Helm of Terror Silver Viking Ring


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💎Potent Norse symbol of bravery and intelligence
💎Representing the ravens of Odin
💎Authentic Norse design style
💎Crafted with attention to detail


What does this jewelry represent ?

This handcrafted sterling silver ring combines two potent Viking symbols of strength and knowledge.

Aegishjalmur, translated as the "Helm of Awe" or the "Helm of Terror" is a Viking rune of protection known from the Icelandic grimoires.

Warriors would draw the symbol on their forheads before going into battle to ensure their strength and potection in the battle to come.

On this finely made ring, the Helm of Terror is flanked by two ravens, representing the ravens of Odin, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (knowledge).

These ravens represented Odin in his capacity as the god of wisdom, rather than god of war.

Odin would famously do anything to acquire wisdom, sacrificing his own eye for a sip of Mimir's elixir of knowledge, and handing himself from Yggdrasil pierced by his own spear to gain knowledge of the runes.

Placed together on this striking ring, these symbols represent the dual Viking attributes of bravery and intelligence.

The Vikings fought bravely, but they also fought smart, using sophisticated ships, advanced weaponry, and catching their enemies when they least expected it.

Invoke these potent symbols in your daily life.


Color : Silver  Weight : 0.49 oz or 14,0 g

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine