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Hugin & Munin Torc Armring


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💎Attractive design with a polished finish
💎Bring the mystery, cunning and intelligence from ravens
💎Handmade with 100% durable materials
💎Inspired by Norse tradition
💎Adjustable size for a perfect fit


What does this jewelry represent ?

Inspired by Norse traditions, the Hugin and Munin Torc is a tribute to Odin's ravens.
The ornament exudes Viking values and modern taste.

➡In Viking mythology, Hugin and Munin represent the companions and messengers of Odin.

When not resting with the Norse deity, these two birds would travel across Midgard, gathering and delivering various tidings to their master.

➡For this reason, Odin is hailed as the Raven God.

The ravens reflect mystery, cunning, and intelligence. While the Hugin and Munin Torc depicts memory and thought which plays a vital role as you tackle the challenges of modern society. 

 The Hugin and Munin Torc is well crafted and forged out of tin alloy and white iron.This ensures durability while it remains elegant for many years to come.

Color : Silver  Closure : Open  Size : 6 to 8 Inch

Materials : Tin alloy and white iron

Made In Ukraine