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Irminsul Circle Silver Sterling Pendant


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💎Authentic Norse and Germanic symbology
💎Represents the life tree Yggdrasil, and the power of the runes
💎Suggests that power of an individual to make a difference
💎Made from quality sterling silver 925 by expert craftsmen
💎Hole 2.5mm

Pendant sold alone, perfect fit with :

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What does this jewelry represent ?

Among the Norse and Germanic people, an Irminsul was a sacred pillar, made from trees and usually found in sacred groves. Among the Vikings, it was often a manifestation of Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil was the life tree that held the Norse cosmos together. Asgard sat in its branches, Helheim among its roots, and Midgard at its trunk.

The Norns also sat at the base of the tree and wrote the fate of men into the bark using the runes.

This is why Yggdrasil was intimately linked with the runes, and Odin could learn their secrets by hanging himself from Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights. He then shared those secrets with mankind.

But the runes were not just an alphabet. Like the Norns, men and women who knew the secret of the runes could use them to change destiny.

Together, Yggdrasil and the runes suggest that power of individuals to have a greater influence than they imagine on the wider world.

Bring this philosophy onto your life with this stunning sterling silver pendant.

Color : Silver  Size : approx. 1-1/16" (27mm) in diameter

Materials : Sterling Silver 925