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Jörmungandr Midgard Serpent Bronze Ring

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This product also exists in Sterling Silver 925

The Jörmungandr Midgard Serpent Bronze Ring : Jörmungandr means “huge monster” and is the legendary sea serpent which encircles Midgard.

According to the old Viking mythology, Odin tossed the snake (who is one of Loki’s children) into the ocean and he grew so big that he could grab his own tail.

If Jörmungandr releases his tail, Ragnarok will begin which is the end of the world.

The arch enemy of this sea snake was Thor so if you’re not enamored with the God of Thunder either, this ring will definitely be a good representation of that.

Available in a range of sizes and made from hypoallergenic bronze, this piece of jewelry will be a great addition to your collection.

🗡 Old Norse Design
🗡 Handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen
🗡 Hypoallergenic Lead, cadmium and nickel free
🗡 Delivered in a neat gift box

Color : Bronze   Weight : 0.63 oz or 18,0 g   

Materials : Italian Bronze (Lead, cadmium and nickel free)

Made In Ukraine - Europe

All our rings are manufactured on request. Delivery times can extend up to 2 weeks.