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Jörmungandr Midgard Serpent Silver Ring


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This product is made on demand, wich implies a delay of 7 working days for crafting before shipment

This product also exists in Bronze

💎Ideal accessory to symbolize your love for Viking tradition
💎Offers a sense of strenght and courage
💎Hand made ornament inspired by Jomungandr the Serpent of Midgard
💎Offers protection and wisdom in troubled times


What does this jewelry represent ?

This great piece was inspired by the Norse legend of Jormungandr, Known as the Midgard Serpent.

This giant Snake represented a terrible threat to all mankind, because of this Odin intervened and cast the beast into the sea, where Jormungandr grew larger until eventually encircling all of Midgard.

This well handcrafted ornament represents the repeated circle of natural limitless creation and destruction, or life and death and so in this Norse dragons also can be seen to take on an aspect of new beginnings, and of hope and change.

The presence of this wonderful piece portrays true Norse wisdom, courage, and bravery.


Color : Silver  Weight : 0.63 oz or 18,0 g

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine