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Lagertha's Shield Bronze Pendant

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🗡 Viking shield symbol of the warrior

🗡 Made for Lagertha, one of the most famous female Viking warriors

🗡 Representing all Viking women warriors, whether they wielded their ax in battle or in the fields

🗡 Made in high-quality Bronze by expert craftsmen

All Viking warriors carried a distinctive round shield into battle. It was used not only for protection, but an offensive weapon to smash enemies.

The shield was so fundamental to the way the Vikings fought that even their female warriors, the shield maidens, not only carried them, but were named for them.

There were not many women warriors among the Vikings. As in most cultures of the time, they mainly cared for domestic concerns while their husbands at war. The courage to feed and protect a community and raise the young should not be underestimated.

But every Viking woman knew how to fight bravely to protect their home, while on the road, or to assist their menfolk in times of extreme need.

There were also a few special women that defied social norms and made names for themselves as warriors. Lagertha was one of them.

A ruler in her own right, Lagertha assisted the famous Ragnar Lothbrok to win an important battle. The two decided to marry afterward, but it did not last long. They were probably each too powerful and strong-willed to finds a way to work together.

This bronze pendant is a symbol of Viking warriors like Lagethra, but also all those lesser-known Viking women who battled every day to ensure the continuation and growth of the Viking way of life.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 9g  Size : 30 x 30 x 2 mm

Made In Ukraine