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Mjolnir Knotwork Earrings


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Mjolnir Knotwork Earrings

💎 Mjolnir, symbold of divine protection
💎 Most commonly used symbol in the Viking period
💎 Wolves, powerful natural forces
💎 Handcrafted in sterling silver

What does this jewelry represent ?

Thor, the god of thunder, was the strongest of the Norse gods. He was charged with protecting Asgard, the realm of the gods, and Midgard, the realm of men, from the chaotic forces of the giants. For this purpose, he has his mighty hammer Mjolnir.

Thor's hammer became of strong symbol of protection among the Vikings. It is the symbol that was used most in Viking art and jewelry. It is also one of the few Viking symbols that continued tobe used well into the Christian period.
These stunning sterling silver earings are shaped like Thor's hammer, and decorateed with knotwork popular in Viking art. The head of the hammer is decorated with the face of a wolf, considered by the Vikings to be some of the most powerful forces in the natural world.

Color : Silver      Size : The earrings measure approx. 1/2" (13mm) high by 5/16" (8mm) at widest point.

Materials : Sterling Silver 925