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Natural Wolf Head Sterling Silver Pendant

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🗡Invoke the powerful Viking wolf that was fearsome, strong, courageous and loyal

🗡Represent the darker parts of yourself, which are still essential to who you are

🗡Natural and unique design

🗡Highest quality sterling silver

Wolves are some of the most important animals in Norse mythology and Viking stories.

It is the mighty wolf Fenrir that is prophesized to kill Odin himself during Ragnarok and bring about the end of the world.

His two children, Skadi and Hati, are a pair of wolves that will chase the sun and moon for eternity, finally catching them at Ragnarok and plunging the world into darkness.

The giants, the forces of chaos in the Norse universe, were also often associated with wolves. Many of them could shapeshift into wolves, or were the leaders of wolf packs.

But while wolves were fearsome, strong and courageous creatures, they also represented loyalty, as wolves always protect the pact.

In fact, Odin himself was faithful accompanied by a pair of wolves, Geri and Freki, the ravenous and the greedy.

It is interesting to see Odin as constantly accompanied by his worst character traits, but which are still part of him.

Invoke the complex Viking concept of the wolf with this naturally designed wolf's head pendent.

Strength, courage, loyalty, and embracing every aspect of yourself, even the darker parts.


Color : Silver  Weight : 26 g  Size : 36 x 30 x 10 mm  Hole size : 6 mm

Free 700 mm cord

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine