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Nordic Shield Strapping Forged Pendant


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Nordic Shield Strapping Forged Pendant

💎 Iron amulet for protection
💎 Repels harmful forces, especially supernatural forces
💎 Offerings to the gods often made in iron
💎 Handcrafted by expert Blacksmiths

What does this jewelry represent?

The Vikings used iron as an everyday metal for things such as rivets and washers, but they also often used iron when making small items to sacrifice to the gods, or when making pendants or other symbols of protection.

Iron was believed to repel harmful forces, especially of the supernatural variety, and iron amulets, such as this one, may have been worn for protection.

This simple iron pendant may have been the type of thing worn by less wealthy Vikings who could not afford Mjolnir pendants in precious metal, but knew that there were other ways to procure divine protection.

Color : Iron Weight : 12g  Size : 3 x 3 cm

Materials : iron

Made In France