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Norse Ornament Triquetra Symbol Style Sterling Silver Ring


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💎 Triquetra symbol of magic and witchcraft
💎 Symbol found throughout the Viking world
💎 Traditional Norse style design

💎 Also available in quarter sizes

👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

What does this jewelry represent?

The triquetra has become a popular symbol of modern paganism and Wicca. The symbol was also used in the Viking world, and may have been associated with the practice of Seidr magic.
In Seidr, the practitioner pulled on the strings of destiny to both see and shape the future.

Both the goddess Freyja and the god Odin were considered masters of Seidr magic.
This stunning sterling silver ring uses line patterns to form a chain of triquetra symbols in a traditional Viking design style.
Perfect for the modern Viking witch or magician.


Color : Silver  Weight : 10g


Materials : 925 sterling silver 

Made In Ukraine