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Odal Rune Stone Sterling Silver Pendant

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💎 Rune of heritage and inheritance
💎 Linked with the god Odin
💎 Reflects the shared destiny of families
💎 Striking but minimalist design
💎Hole 2.5mm

Pendant only. Matches perfectly with:

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What does this jewelry represent?

The Odal rune, also called the Othala rune, represents the O sound in the Viking runic alphabet, and also embodies the idea of heritage and inheritance.
This rune has been adopted by some modern Nazi groups to represent ideas of ethnic purity. But this is a modern projection that does not relate to how the rune was used by the Vikings.
The ultimate letter of the Viking runic alphabet, the Odal rune shares symbolism with the Greek letter Omega. It represents endings, things coming full circle, and destiny.
The rune was also closely associated with Odin, the chief of the Aesir gods and the all-father, whose name inscribed begins with this rune.
In terms of inheritance, it was related to the Viking idea of hamingja. This is the part of the soul that represents a person's destiny. This can pass to one's descendants upon death, with children picking up the mantle of their ancestors.
This sterling silver pendant is the ideal piece for the modern Viking that feels the pull of their heritage, and the inter-generational destiny of their family.

Color : Silver   Weight : 6g   Size : 25x15 mm

Materials : Sterling Silver 925