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Odin Horn Symbol Mammen Ornament Bronze Ring


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💎 Authentic triskelion representing the three horns of the mead of poetry
💎 Made from the blood of Kvasir, the most intelligent being to ever exist
💎 Linked to Odin as the god of wisdom and poetry
💎 Inspired by authentic Mammen design styles
👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

What does this jewelry represent?

This signet ring is the perfect piece for the modern Viking wordsmith.

Odin, the most important of the Viking deities, was a complex being. He was a creator god, and also the progenitor of most of the gods as the all-father. He was also the god of war, wisdom, witchcraft, poetry, the runes, death, and Valhalla.

The triskelion horns that appear on this signet ring is the symbol of Odin in his guise as the god of poetry.

It represents the three giant drinking horns in which the mead of poetry was stored. Odin tricked the giants that were guarding the mead and drunk all three to gain complete mastery of the spoken word.

The mead was made by the dwarves from the blood of Kvasir, whom they murdered. Kvasir was the most intelligent being that ever existed, made from the mixture of the spittle of the Aesir and the Vanir gods.

As such, the triskelion is sacred to Odin and represents wisdom, especially when it comes to words.

This signet is ideal for modern Vikings who ascribe to the belief that the pen is mightier than the sword.

The signet is set on a band that uses genuine Mammen style designs, popular in Denmark in the 10th century.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 14g

Materials : Bronze

Made In Ukraine