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Odin Raven Norse Symbols Bronze Pendant

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This product is also available in Sterling Silver 925

💎 Ravens of Odin Huginn (memory) and Muninn (thought)
💎 Odin, god of war, wisdom, wanderers, and witchcraft
💎 Viking runes and symbols
💎 Handcrafted in fine bronze

💎Hole 2.5mm
👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 

Pendant sold separately, perfect with:

➡️ Genuine Leather Cord: Here
➡️ Fine Sterling Silver Chain: Here

What does this jewelry represent?

The Vikings associated ravens with Odin, the All-Father and the god of war, wisdom, wanderers, and witchcraft.

Odin was accompanied by two raven familiars Huginn (memory) and Muninn (thought), and seeing them was a sign that Odin the wanderer was nearby.

Other ravens acted as Odin's eyes and ears and the world and reported everything that they saw.

Seeing ravens over the battlefield was a good omen. It meant that Odin was present to choose fallen warriors to take to Valhalla.

This stunning bronze pendant depicts the ravens of Odin within a circle of runes. The cardinal points are marked by some of the most important Viking symbols including the Triskelion, Valknut, Aegishjalmur, and Triquetra.

Color : Broner Size : 36 x 32 x 3 mm Weight : 11gr

Materials : Bronze