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Odin Thor Hammer Mjolnir Norse Large Sterling Silver Pendant

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🗡Authentic Viking Mjolnir amulet symbol

🗡Represents both Thor and Odin

🗡Symbol of both protection and a warrior's courage

🗡High-quality craftsmanship and materials


Odin and Thor were the most important of the Viking gods.

Odin, the all-father, was the king of the Aesir gods. He was also the god of war, wisdom, death, and magic. It was to Odin that the Vikings prayed before battle.

Thor, the god of thunder, was also the protector deity. The strongest of the gods and the ideal warrior, he protected Asgard and Midgard with his hammer, Mjolnir.

This striking pendant combines the symbolism of these two important gods.

The pendant is in the shape of Mjolnir, inspired by genuine Mjolnir pendants from the Viking period. This was the most popular amulet among the Vikings themselves.

The handle of the hammer is shaped into the face of Odin, his beard curling down across the hammerhead in classic Norse style.

The amulet represents protection, but also courage and the warrior spirit.

This is a fantastic piece to honor both of these important Viking deities. 


Color : Silver   Weight : 15g   Size : approx. 3/8" (35mm) long by 1-3/8" (35mm) at widest point

 Materials : Sterling Silver 925

*pendant sold alone, without leather cord.

Leather Cord : Here