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Odin with Viking Symbol Bronze Pendant

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🗡 Distinctive and detailed portrait of the Norse god Odin

🗡 Father of the gods and creator of mankind

🗡 God of war, wisdom, death, poetry, sorcery, and the runes

🗡 Made from high-quality Bronze by expert craftsmen

While Thor may be the most popular of the Norse gods today, Odin was the chief god among the Vikings.

The god of war, wisdom, death, poetry, sorcery, and the runes. He was a complex god linked to every aspect of Viking life. He was all the Allfather: the creator of man and the progenitor of all the Aesir gods.

Odin was the most important deity in the Viking pantheon.

This striking bronze pendant shows Odin wearing his warrior's helm. The god of war, Vikings prayed to Odin for success in battle. And if they died a heroic death, they were taken to Valhalla, the hall of Odin in Asgard.

One of Odin's eyes is missing, showing the sacrifice that the god made in order to drink from the Well of Wisdom.

He also bears an Othala rune on his forehead. This represents an "O" sound for Odin, and represents the fact that it was Odin who discovered the secrets fo the runes and shared them with mankind.

This striking and distinctive bronze necklace is the perfect way to show your affinity for the Norse ways, in all their complexity.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 10g  Size : 32 x 16 x 5 mm

Made In Ukraine