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Odin's Horns Silver Ring

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⚠ Made On Demand 

🗡 Homage to the Norse god Odin

🗡 Viking symbol of intelligence and fortitude

🗡 Handcrafted by expert craftsmen

🗡 925 Sterling Silver

🗡 Delivered in a neat gift box

This product also exists in Bronze

Three interlocking drinking horns were a common symbol of the god Odin among the Vikings, but it was not a reference to the god’s love of a good drink.

Odin was the god of war and protected Vikings as they went into battle, but he was also the god of knowledge.

He would do anything to acquire it, including cutting out his own eye, and hanging from the tree of life while impaled by his own spear.

The horn triskelion is a reference to Odin’s quest for the Mead of Poetry.

Just one sip was said to give the drinker mastery of language. Odin, or course, connived to drink the entire mead.

He got the giantess Gunnlöð to agree to give him three sips of the mead, which she guarded in three giant drinking horns.

Being a god, he managed to drink each horn in a single gulp.

For the Vikings, the horn triskelion represented wisdom.

This was hugely important to the Vikings: they did not just sack the cities of their enemies, but incredible boats, and a society with a rich and engaging culture.

In addition to knowledge, the symbol also represents what it takes to get what you want: like Odin, men need to make sacrifices to succeed.



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Color : Silver  Weight : 0.88 oz or 25,0 g

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine