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Ouroboros Runes Symbol Sterling Silver Ring


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Ouroboros Runes Symbol Sterling Silver Ring

💎 Ouroboros snake symbol representing eternity
💎 Symbolic of the Midgard Serpent, Jormungandr
💎 Snakes associated with Loki and the ups and downs of life
💎 Decorated with the Viking runes
💎 Handmade in sterling silver

What does this jewelry represent ?

The ouroboros is a significant symbol in many culltures. Represented by a snake holding its own tail in it's mouth, it represents eternity and the unending sycle of life.

In Viking culture Jormungandr, the might serpent that lives in t eh sea surrounding Midgard, is the ouroboros. He encircles the entire world and holds his own tail in his mouth. He will only drop his tale at Ragnarok, the end of days, when he will participate in the destruction of the gods and all things.   

The snake is also a symbol associated with Loki, the trickster, and Jormungandr is a son of Loki. While Loki was a menance to the gods, for men, he represents the inevitable ups and downs of life. Somtimes things go your way, and sometimes they don't. You need to learn to role with the punches and make the best of every situation, just like Loki.

This stunning sterling silver ring is designed to form an ouroboros. The bodt of the serpent is decorated with the Viking runes. The Vikings believed that their runes were not just an alphabet, but a magical tool kit. If you know how to use them, they could equip you to tackle all of life's challenges. 

Color : Silver   Weight : 5g   

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine