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Pendientes of Staraya Ladoga Bronze Earrings


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Pendientes of Staraya Ladoga Bronze Earrings

💎 Replica of 11th-century earring from Staraya Ladoga, Russia
💎 May be Finnish trade pieces
💎 Features running horses
💎 Handmade in fine bronze

These distinctive drop earrings are based on an archaeological find from Staraya Ladoga, Russia. The pieces in this collection, excavated in 1928 from a burial mound near the village of Zaozyorye, South-Eastern Area of Lake Ladoga, date to the 11th century.

They are symmetrically shaped with six fine bronze chains hanging from two horse heads protruding from a human face. Each chain ends with a rhomboid ornament.

Many of the pieces found among the excavated grave goods are of Finnish origin, and these earrings may represent Finnish styles of the time as well.

Currently exhibited in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkammer) from Leningrad.

Material : Bronze

Size : 5 x 3 cm

Made in Spain