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Raven Celtic Knotwork Silver Sterling Ring

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Raven Celtic Knotwork Sterlin Silver Ring

💎 Norse raven symbol sacred to Odin
💎 Signals respect for the principal Viking deity
💎 Decorated with Celtic knotwork
💎 Top-quality craftsmanship and materials

What does this jewelry represent?

In the Norse world, the raven was sacred to Odin, the king of the gods and the all-father, and the god of war, wisdom, witchcraft, poetry, the runes, and death.

He had two ravens, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), that flew across the world on his behalf as his eyes and ears. Seeing ravens over a battlefield was a good sign as it meant that Odin was present to choose brave fallen warriors to take to Valhalla.

Encountering a raven more generally could also be a sign that Odin was near. When Odin interacted with men as a man in disguise, it was the presence of ravens that gave him away.

This delicate sterling silver ring represents a raven, celebrating Odin, the principal god among the Vikings. It is delicately decorated with Celtic knotwork, an artistic style thought to be greatly influenced by traditional Norse art.

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver