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Raven Natural Sterling Silver Ring


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💎Raven symbol sacred to Odin
💎Represents wisdom and knowledge
💎Distinctive design
💎Crafted with attention to detail
👑This product can be crafted in Gold (Contact Us) 


What does this jewelry represent ?

To the Vikings, ravens were a symbol of wisdom. Sacred to Odin, he had two ravens Huginn and Muninn (memory and thought). They wandered the Norse cosmos and told Odin what they saw.

Odin was the god of wisdom, as well as war and many other aspects such as poetry, the runes, and magic.

He was not only venerated by Vikings on the battlefield, but also the Vikings that worked behind the scenes, such as the boat builders which gave the Vikings their technological edge over their neighbors.

This is the perfect ring for the modern-day Viking who prizes both wisdom and courage.


Color : Silver  Weight : 15

Materials : 925 silver, sterling silver

Made In Ukraine