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Raven Ornament Norse Sterling Silver Ring


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Raven Ornament Norse Sterling Silver Ring

💎 Ravens are familiars of Odin the All-Father
💎 Viking god of war, wisdom, wanderers, writing, and witchcraft
💎 Reflectethe complicated and multi-faceted nature of the god
💎 Handcrafted in sterling silver

What does this jewelry represent ?

Ravens are the familias of Odin, the All-Father and the principal Viking deity. As well as being a creator, Odin is the god of war, wisdom, wanderers, writing, and witchcraft.

The ravens that wandered the worlds acted as his eyes and ears, reporting everything that they see and hear. It was a good sign to see ravens circling the battlefield, as it meant that odin was present to choose the bravest fallen to feast with him in Valhalla.

Odin was also always accompanied by two raven familiairs Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory). 

This raven signet ring is the perfect piece for anyone who honors Odin in all his complexity as a warrior, a scholar, and a seeker.

Color : Silver   Weight : 8g   

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine